Patrick Stewart Is Having More Fun than You, Plus The Biggest Bad Ass on the Planet Now Even Bad-Assier

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Patrick Stewart Is Having More Fun than You, Plus The Biggest Bad Ass on the Planet Now Even Bad-Assier

By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | October 31, 2013 | Comments ()

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I am so convinced that The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus is the biggest bad ass on the planet that I once offered 11 pieces of evidence to support that theory. Here’s number 12: He’s a bad-ass photographer, too. (Vulture)

I am less interested in the dress (which is fabulous) that Diane Kruger is wearing here, and more interested in the side-eye that Joshua Jackson (RIP) is throwing. Is someone offstage saying something rude about his refusal to wear socks? (GFY)

Rumors that Anne Hathaway demanded the guests not speak to her at a charity even are completely baseless. They were allowed to speak, as long as they were spoken to first. DO NOT INITIATE EYE CONTACT. (DListed)

Harrison Ford was a grumpy asshole in a recent interview with GQ magazine, but you know what? He’s 71. He’s made 41 movies, several of which everyone on the planet has seen. If he wants to be a grumpy asshole, Harrison Ford gets to be a grumpy asshole. (Celebitchy)

Ugh. Nine more television shows are being developed based on feature films. I can’t wait to see who they get to replicate Tom Hanks’ iconic laugh in The Money Pit. (Uproxx)

Stuck without a costume and short on cash? It’s not too late for these quick Orphan Black cut-out costumes. Go as one of several clones, and all you need is a printer and a pair of scissors to be that awesome character from the show no one in your neighborhood has ever heard of. (Unreality)

The Evil Dead franchise is confusing these days. There is a sequel to the Evil Dead remake in the works, but Sam Raimi is also working on his own sequel to Army of Darkness, which could mean that the two Evil Dead streams may one day intersect. Or something. I’M CONFUSED. (Slashfilm)

I don’t know even how to describe this in an alluring way except to say that it’s one of the funniest, most terrifying Halloween pranks of the year. (Gawker)

In the wake of the How I Met Your Mother spin-off, Joanna covered the 13 sidelined characters more deserving of a spin-off, but here are 21 lazy spin-off ideas no worse than How I Met Your Father. (Underscoopfire)

And finally, Patrick Stewart — social media savant — wins Halloween. Does anyone enjoy hs life as much as Patrick Stewart does?

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Pajiba Love Express
Here's some Daveed Diggs for you. On Daveed Diggs' digs, actually. That man does things with clothes that should not make sense, but are absolutely perfect. (Go Fug Yourself)

Woody Allen has "so moved on" from his daughter's accusations and says he never even thinks about it. He equates her words about him to a bad review he won't read and comments on how wacky it is that Mia Farrow is his mother-in-law. He is the worst. (Celebitchy)

Not The Worst but still very gross: Leonardo DiCaprio and his Pussy Posse Wolf Pack were on the douche prowl in NYC. (Lainey)

Here are 5 under-the-radar shows. I had never even heard of the first two. (Uproxx)

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