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Pajiba Love

The first time I heard Elvis Costello's rendition of "Little Boxes" over the "Weeds" main title sequence, I involuntarily squeed, like the goddamn ninny I am. Now you, too, can squee. (Showtime)

The key to tomorow night's "Grey's Anatomy" season premiere appears to be the panties. Ain't it always. (The TV Addict)

Man beats wife. Cops bust wrong guy. Hilarity ensues. (QuizLaw)

Steve-O performs an act upon the spinal cord of Nicole Ritchie that's too revolting to even make the cut for Jackass 2. (DListed)

Jessica Simpson is so gonna burn in hell. Just thought you should know. (Fatback and Collards)

Dan revels in his love for Sorkin and Monday night's slightly underwhelming but still relatively awesome debut of "Studio 60." (Slowly Going Bald)

Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 | Comments ()

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