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Pajiba Love

Jessica Alba calls Dane Cook the next Steve Martin. Yeah. Umm ... apparently the only Steve Martin flick Alba has ever seen is Sgt. Bilko. (Hollywood Rag)

Will season six be the last for "Scrubs"? What's that leave? Two decent sitcoms? (popsugar)

The Moose outdoes itself again. (Gilded Moose)

Now you can put the entire New Yorker archives on your IPod and headbang to the works of Anthony Lane on the subway. (Galley Slaves)

Now we know where all the President's hot air goes. He blows it out his ass. (QuizLaw)

But ... no ... wha? ... seriously? No. Surely not. Oh Dear God. (Mollygood)

Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 | Comments ()

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