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By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 |


You Say I Only Hear What I Want To

I guess, even without Star Jones, the blogosphere can still get worked up about "The View," so long as someone has a hissy fit. (And holy shit! Is that Lisa Loeb? Awesome.) (A Socialite's Life)

The 10 Best Will Ferrell Skits of All Time (Cracked)

In mind-blowing images of the day, Elijah Wood Carries Two (2) Bags. (The Gilded Moose)

A Very Special Ricky Bobby public service announcement. (College Humor)

If you're going to knock Gawker Media, Mr. Marketwatch Guy, at least do it with some flair, instead of making yourself the easy target. Dumbass. (MarketWatch)

Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 | Comments ()

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