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Pajiba Love

"The Hoff has brutally killed Swearengen and pissed in his skull." A gem from the "America's Got Talent" recap. (TVGasm)

Do you know what a playard is? Well, now you do. (New Millennium Nigga)

It's hilarious! It's sad! It's kind of fucked up! What happens when a fat man shoots a lawyer hiding behind a tree? (QuizLaw)

What?! No one told me that Perez Hilton got his own reality show! Had I known, I'd have celebrated the occasion by blowing a bullet out of the back of my throat. Where the hell is the End of Times when you need it? (Reality Blurred)

Otherwise, the blogging world is mostly lit aflame by news of Dave and Carmen's split, Kid Rock and Pam's impending nuptials, and the jailbait that Christie Brinkley's husband ditched her for. I am Jack's feigned enthusiasm.

Out on DVD Today: ATL and She's the Man.

Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 | Comments ()

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