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I Think Something Bounced Up in My Undercarriage -- 7/12/06

Jessica Simpson will be hosting the Teen Choice Awards. Because all young girls aspire to be bimborific adultresses. (Mollygood)

Er. Hm. Movie Scribe Seeks Piece of Pirates' Booty. (QuizLaw)

I dunno. I kind of prefer this version of Eva Longoria. (IDLYITW)

For what it's worth, even Kristen Bell is not above taking off her clothes for a magazine cover. Damnit Veronica. We thought you were different. (Fatback and Collards)

Despite the blogosphere's rumors to the contrary, Natalie Portman will not be appearing nude in your local multiplexes -- at least until her Star Wars royalties run out. (Yeeah!)

For your reading pleasure: A recap of "Janice Dickinson's Modeling Agency." (A Socialite's Life)

And a friendly reminder to those of you who care, "Project Runway" begins anew this evening. (GMMR)

Pajiba Love | May 2, 2006 | Comments ()

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