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"There's a Light in the Darkness of Everybody's Life"

By Genevieve Burgess | Pajiba Love | April 16, 2013 | Comments ()


I hope all of you from Boston are safe. I know I've heard from all my friends in the area, and I also hope that any of you with loved ones in the area have also heard from them. Here's a link to the Red Cross if you're interested in donating to help with the relief effort. (Red Cross)

If you're in Boston and want to donate blood, here's a list of upcoming blood drives with information on how to register to donate. Yesterday the Red Cross said they had all the blood they needed, but I'm sure a lot of it got used. (Red Cross)

For smaller gestures, Reddit's sub-reddit "Random Acts of Pizza" is working to send pizza to runners, hospitals, firehouses, etc in Boston. If you'd like to get involved with that, there's plenty of information here. ( Reddit/Random Acts of Pizza)

Some people have ended up in the spotlight thanks to images in the media. At least one of those people, Bill Iffrig, who can be seen falling down in the footage of the initial explosion and lying on the ground in front of police officers in photos, has given interviews to let people know that he is fine. (Deadspin)

There's also some preliminary reports that the young man in the wheel chair missing both his legs (you know the image if you saw it) is stable. I can't find official word, but here's a link to a Reddit thread with some information. (Reddit)

While what happened yesterday was terrible, there have been some amazing stories of people helping others in the midst of the disaster. Deadspin has a photo of a Patriots player helping out some women, and the Atlantic Wire has a full collection of photos, tweets, and accounts of how good people were to each other under the worst of circumstances. (Atlantic Wire)

Also in good news, some wonderful person bought the domain to keep it out of the hands of conspiracy nuts. (Boston Marathon "Conspiracy")

I hope everyone remembers, in the wake of this, that while something horrible happened that what came out of it was proof that people are better than we ever expect them to be. I'm sure that whoever committed this horrible act, their goal was absolutely NOT to prove that Americans are, by and large, good people who are willing to open their hearts and homes to strangers. But that's what they did, and that's what I'll remember about yesterday. Just remember, like Patton Oswalt so eloquently said, "The good outnumber you, and we always will." (Patton Oswalt)

If you're looking for ways to remind yourself of how good people can be, Dustin put together a list of facts about Mr.Rogers to help get you through today. (Warming Glow)

In non-Boston related news, here's an excellent flow chart of time travel in movies for those of you who are fans. I always end up in a terrible philosophical conundrum with myself over how the concept of "free will" fits with time travel but I think too much. (BuzzFeed)

Robert Downey Jr. did a typically excellent interview with GQ and reveals that unlike some of his fellow actors (cough*DiCaprio*cough) he's not chasing that sweet Oscar ass. Good for you, buddy, (Celebitchy)

Do you want kittens? I want kittens. Lets have some kittens.

Oh, you're more of a dog person? I can work with that too.

And an old one, but one that always makes me feel better about people: the "Where the Hell is Matt?" video from 2008.

Keep your heads up, everyone.

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  • PinkGlitteryBrain

    About the young man who lost both his legs, his name is Jeff. You can help him here

  • kirbyjay

    I drive a bus for the marathon every year. We pick up at the common at 6 AM and drive a busload of runners to Hopkinton. Then the buses are loaded with runners bags and we go back to the finish line and wait for them all to come in.

    I was 2 blocks away and heard the two blasts, very loud and rumbly, knowing they were bombs. Just didn't sound like anything else.

    We were parked right at the family reunion place and they were evacuated immediately when the bombs went off. When the runners came in, they had no phones and couldn't find their families so we spent the afternoon trying to keep runners warm ( it was getting cold and windy) and calling or texting their families. I know they said there was no cell service but it was limited. You could call people in the area but no one from outside the city could call in. I managed to call my husband right away and then was limited to text from family and friends.

    It was chaotic but the volunteers did a great job of helping people out and trying to maintain order. It was somewhat unnerving because you kept hearing rumors that there were more undetonated bombs discovered and the third wave of buses was evacuated because they were parked on Boylston and something suspicious was found in a trash can. We had all of the runners belongings in the buses; cell phones, wallets, car keys, so no one even thought of leaving. In fact, normally we are dismissed around 4 but this year we didn't leave until 6:30. Sirens went off non-stop from 3 on.

    On the way up 93N going home a caravan of about 40 SWAT trucks, emergency response vehicles, cruisers, vans etc...all with their lights flashing were flying down the passing lane in order headed toward Boston. Quite a sight.

    Strangely, I felt normal on Monday but very unsettled on Tuesday. I guess reality sunk in. A very sad day.

    The marathon will go on and I will be there next year.

  • e jerry powell

    I don't mean to grind an ax here (no doubt I'm going to eventually anyway), but even if I wanted to, I couldn't donate blood. That whole if-you're-gay-and-have-had-sex-since-1977 thing. Chaps my ass, even though there are probably so many chemicals in my body for various -- non-HIV/STD, thank you -- health conditions that they still wouldn't take it anyway.

  • Genevieve Burgess

    I know. I have long been deeply frustrated with the Red Cross that they left that 1977 date in for gay men specifically instead of asking everyone if they've engaged in risky sexual behaviors within the prior six months, since that's about how long they say it takes HIV to show up in the blood stream. I had some gay friends who flat out lied so they could donate, because it was that important to them. While I never really supported lying to medical professionals, I understood their reasoning.

  • e jerry powell

    I get the feeling that if they did ask about everyone's risk management behavior, even more people would be disinclined to donate. That, or far too many people believe that STIs are something that happens to "other people." I guess the pre-screening questionnaire is ultimately about not wasting time at the donation site, because policy seems to be that all donated blood gets screened for blood-borne pathogens anyway.

  • Melissa D

    It does all get screened, but if you answer yes to certain questions they take your blood out of the running, if you will. The questions are stupid, too. "Have you ever had sex with a man who had sex with someone for money, even once? Have you ever had sex with a man who had sex with a man, even once?" Well I know that with every man I've been with, if they've ever had gay sex or sex with a prostitute, they can't WAIT to tell me!

    Another one is have you ever had sex in exchange for money? I asked once if dinner and a movie counted, and the nurse wasn't amused. No sense of humour.

  • Scully

    I’m not allowed to donate blood as well because I lived in a foreign country prior to 1985 or some such trivial date. Because, get this: Mad Cow disease! I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that if I did have Mad Cow disease, it would have showed symptoms by now. The regulations need a major overhaul.

  • e jerry powell

    True, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease does tend to have rapid, pronounced onset. I think someone would catch on pretty quickly, but with that kind of dementia, you'd probably forget that you were going to donate blood before you ever got anywhere.

  • Melissa D

    It is RIDICULOUS. It shocks me that medical personnel can still hold fast to ideals entrenched in 1986. Anal sex without a condom IS a highly risky sexual practice in terms of disease, but it is beyond naive to assume that gay men are the only people who engage in that behaviour. In general, the main rationale behind NOT letting gay men donate blood is prejudice.

  • e jerry powell



  • PDamian

    Lovely post. And I appreciate the "Where in the world is Matt" video. That one never fails to make me feel good.

  • There's a special place in whatever the afterlife brings for Matt and his crazy dance party across the planet. Simple and exceptional.

  • Slash

    8 minutes of cute, fuzzy kittens and 6 minutes of adorable puppies. Well played. Almost enough to make me feel better. Almost.

  • Scully

    The details about Carlos Arredondo, the man holding the American flag on the cover photo of this post (he is also the man running beside the young man in the wheel chair missing both his legs) is incredible:

  • poopnado

    I didn't cry while the reports were coming in, but after looking at how much people helped each other I lost my shit. Whoever did this is evil, but people are good. I'm going to make it a point to visit Boston and spend my tourist moneys there.

  • BigBlueKY

    this makes me smile. thank you. feeling a surge of patriotism in my heart.

  • Amidst horrific event, wonderful acts of humanity. Truly the stuff of life.

    I always wonder why we feel patriotism. I get the whole 'city on the hill' and U-S-A, but it always leaves me angst-y, as I have complicated feelings about how we make such identifications with what are so clearly basic human traits of empathy, courage and generosity. I mostly just leave it alone, but feel like genuinely asking the question of others this time.

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