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A Bunch Of Holiday Links, Predictably

Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | December 22, 2008 | Comments ()

For everyone out there who already can’t wait for the holidays to be over, here are 42 holidays entertainments which won’t make you want to claw your eyes out in rage. (AV Club)

You know, I guess there’s a reason most people opt for Christmas cookies in lieu of Christmas cakes. (CakeWrecks)

And here is my early Christmas gift to you, my loyal readers. (Yeeeah!)

One of the members of the Hogan family was involved in a car accident. Sadly, it was only a minor fender bender and they all live to see another day. (WIMB)

Nobody ever said you had to be smart to be a pervert. (QuizLaw)

Clay Aiken was like, totally surprised that newborn babies pretty much need constant care and attention. (Celebitchy)

This is the perfect gift for the rabid Brangelina fan on your Christmas list. Wait, does anyone actually care about Brangelina enough to be a “rabid” fan. Well, regardless, here’s the goods. (GalleryOfTheAbsurd)

Aretha Franklin makes fat jokes about Aretha Franklin. Could you imagine Beyonce doing that in twenty years? Not fucking likely. (FourFour)

Here’s an inspiring little story about how the film Into the Wild motivated a guy to wake up and take charge of his life. (ASWOBA)

Jesus Christ. Are they really gonna bring out Ken motherfucking Starr out of hiding to head up the fight against gay marriage? (Deus Ex Malcontent)

If you’ve never wanted to punch Mary Kate Olsen in the face before — well, get ready to want to punch her in the face now! (DListed)

Stacking food on animals: Really funny or really mean? I’d say it’s 80% hilarious and 20% cruel. (SeriousEats)

They just had to go and invoke the name of that terrible, terrible song, didn’t they? (Jezebel)

What’s the protocol of giving exes Christmas gifts when they have a new significant other? Personally, I am usually fine with my boyfriends being friends with their exes, as long as they’re not, say, actively trying to break up the relationship. (MixTapeTherapy)

Wait, Blockbuster still actually exists? (GalleySlaves)

Here is the Twilight saga, as told by puppets. Or as Jeremy said, “if you haven’t seen it yet, this saves you $10 and two hours”:

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