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Pajiba Love

Sienna Miller thinks she's come up with something novel: the vodka diet. Listen, missy -- I've been on that since my freshman year of college. Ain't lost a goddamn pound. (Egotastic)

The best and worst movie trailers of 2006. (Celebitchy)

Christina Aguilera is about to divorce that guy from The 'Burbs. (Celebslam)

There are political undertones to Harry Potter? 9/11? Churchill? Dude, I just thought it was about a kid who really liked riding a broom. (Galley Slaves)

Really, besides other bloggers, what is the gossip blog demographic, if it's no longer the "super-gay?" And why the fascination with exposed underskirt? (The Pen15 Club)

Sean Penn continues to prove why he's the Dennis Kucinich of Hollywood. (Agent Bedhead)

Pajiba Love | December 19, 2006 | Comments ()

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