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December 18, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 18, 2008 |

Time got their hands on some old college photos of Barack Obama, and he just so happens to be smoking a funny cigarette in one of them. Pffft… Let he who hath never toketh cast the first stone. (HuffPo)

Whoever had “four years and seven months” in their office pool to see how long J Lo and Marc Anthony would last is the big winner today! (WIMB)

Don’t have HBO? Fuck it, now you can watch new “Flight of the Concords” eps online, exclusively at Funny or Die! (FunnyOrDie)

Alan Colmes calls Ann Coulter a “hate crime” to her face, but any satisfaction to be derived by this is ruined by the fact that she took it as a compliment. (QuizLaw)

Looking for a last-minute gift to get that hard to shop for person? Why not a tissue full of Scarlett Johansson’s nose gremlins? Fun for all ages! (Dlisted)

As much as it’s really, really, (really!) fun to make of Rattlehead Heidi and Shitface Spencer, when you put it like this, their existences really are downright offensive. (Dues Ex Malcontent)

Here are six uberbitch nuns on film who will turn you off Catholicism forever. If you’re not already there, of course. (PW)

Speaking of nuns, Hugh Hefner’s skanky new girlfriend makes Holly, Kendra and the other one look like a fucking convent. (IDLYITW)

There is too much ironic beauty in this image for me to even begin to adequately express into words. (YBNBY)

Screw this. I know you menfolk of Pajiba like short hair on a woman. Represent! (Jezebel)

Stephanie Tanner is back on the meth again. So what’s the tally now? Drug addiction, two failed marriages and one meth-baby? Yet, she’s not even half caught up to Danny Bondaduce. Get to work, girl! (EvilBeet)

Spaceman Icecream! This was my favorite thing ever, as a kid. (TIB)

Resident Hollywood Frat Boy/Notorious Tubbo Vince Vaughn might finally be deciding to buy the cow. (Celebitchy)


Rosario Dawson is dropping jaws and defying gravity on the red carpet. Really, how do actresses always get to get their boobs to stay up like that? (Popoholic)

There are 49 entire songs eligible for the Academy Award’s “Best Original Song” this year. What’s it gonna be? (Film Experience)

I know you guys are going to bitch and say this is stupid. And, it is stupid… But it made me laugh, so there. However, it should be noted that I haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

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Pajiba Love | December 18, 2008 |

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