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My matrimonial partner and I are in a heated debate that's raged on for nearly two days. Tension is high. Prides are aflame. Is it "Dick in a Box" or "Cock in a Box"? You decide. (MollyGood)

The Dreamgirls' Beyoncé/J-Hud feud continues. At least there's some excitement this Oscar season. (Yeeeah!)

The Hostel II movie poster is ... appetizing. (The Blemish) But somehow more appealing than Keith Richards on his 63rd birthday. (Junkiness)

PETA is all pissed off because Christina has been wearing a stole made of fox fur during her tour. Christina is pissed because she thought it was a fake-fur stole. And I'm pissed because I have no idea what a "stole" is. (Celebslam)

There is only one gossip blog awesome enough to 1) cover the lesbian affair between Tracy Chapman and Alice Walker and 2) discuss Billy Idol's new Christmas album. (Celebitchy)

Pajiba Love | December 18, 2006 | Comments ()

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