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December 15, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 15, 2008 |

I’ve watched this video maybe a thousand times so far and it never gets old. One thing’s for sure, old Bushy must be caught up on his “Jerry Springer” viewing ‘cause bitch knows how to duck a shoe. (QuizLaw)

You know what else I could almost never get tired of? Madonna eating it onstage during one of her concerts. (DListed)

Sharon Osbourne, host of VH1’s “Rock of Love: Charm School” became involved in a physical altercation with contestant Megan. Today is the best day ever. (WIMB)

Tara Reid has checked into — wait for it — rehab! Now if only she could check herself into a time machine… (Celebslam)

Here are six films about Richard Nixon. I think Dick has Pajiba Underappreciated Gem written all over it. (PW)

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! “Curb Your Enthusiasm” spoiler! Sort of! Anyway, definite proof it’s coming back soon! (Jezebel)

A bunch of teenage girls decided to “go wild” in the back room of the KFC they worked at. This would be wildly inappropriate if it weren’t just s’damn funny. (YBNBY)

One of my exes always sends photo cards of him and his (now) wife dressed in “ironic” Christmas sweaters, and yeah… It was cute like the first three times. (SWPL)

Here’s a bunch of people cooler than you telling us what we should have been listening to this past year. (AV Club)

A nerd finally did it: “Canadian Man Builds Himself Robot Girlfriend.” Twilight Zone prophecy finally realized? Thanks, Charles! (FoxNews)

According to Jeremy, here are the 20 Biggest Douchebags of 2008, Part I. Damn Jerms, save something for Part II, will ya? Using all the best douchebags in the first half of the list? Rookie mistake. (NotesOnBarNapkins)

Here are five holiday sellout toys that most people would step over their own grandmother to buy for their kid. (mental floss)

Amy Poehler has moved onto a better place. Anywhere other than “Saturday Night Live,” that is. (Celebitchy)

I can’t even think of any other way to preface today’s clip other than “awesome”: (Thanks, Snath!)

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Pajiba Love | December 15, 2008 |

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