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By Dustin Rowles | Pajiba Love | December 15, 2006 |


Pajiba Love

You can't beat offhand serial killer humor when you're in England a week after the bodies of five prostitutes were found in the woods. Nice one, Oliver Stone. (IDLYITW)

I don't know boo about fashion, but whatever the hell it is that Jessica Biel is wearing here ought to be given back to 1952. (Yeeeah!)

Live Free and Die Hard looks like absolute junk -- but it's got our boy Justin Long in it. Too bad it's also got Bruce Willis. (Popoholic)

Rosie is all apologies about being a racist. Man -- if I didn't value a large portion of our readership, there is a string of obscenities I'd like to let loose on that woman. (Celebitchy)

Sing it with me now: "Bigfoot Pleasuring a Unicorn." (Agent Bedhead)

Pajiba Love | December 15, 2006 | Comments ()

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