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Pajiba Love

Babel was good, but seven Golden Globe nominations good?! And Bobby?! Holy fuck. Big ups to Affleck and Ferrell. But Johnny Depp? For Pirates 2? Ridiculous. (The Film Experience) & (TVgasm)

The Dixie Chicks to break up? Say it ain't so. No, seriously. Say it ain't so or I'll gut someone. (Celebitchy)

So, you're a waitress at a very important party, though you soon learn that all the guests are mannequins and the host is certifiable. Do you accept that drink? (Popoholic)

Kirk Cameron testifies to the atheist's worst nightmare: A banana -- just the right shape for the human mouth. (BWE)

Seriously -- Bobby?!

Daniel Craig voted Sexiest Man Alive. Naomi Campbell was so robbed. (Yeeeah!)

Meet the Average Homeboy. He's white. He's middle class. He raps. And he may or may not be a white supremacist. But, he's all pizzazz. (MollyGood)

Pajiba Love | December 14, 2006 | Comments ()

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