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December 10, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | December 10, 2008 |

The guy who wants to quit his job even though he’s got nothing else going for him also happens to work with one of the most unpleasant women on the planet Earth. Coincidence? (WIMB)

Four words for you: Wienermobile Driver Applications Taking. Can we say “Lifelong Dream Fulfilled?” (SeriousEats)

There is no barrel left for MTV to scrape anymore. (Yeeeah!)

This really has nothing to do with the following post, but I didn’t know that falling asleep after sex was exclusive for the male gender? It’s pretty much why I missed the last Eloquent meet-up. True story. (QuizLaw)

That asshole from the Twilight movie is too cool to brush her hair. (Celebslam)

Now it’s Milhouse’s time to shine! And by Milhouse I mean Clint Eastwood, obviously. (Film Experience)

Here is the quintessential meal for those who have completely given up on life, yet at the same time are too poor to afford one of those Famous Bowls from KFC. (TIB)

Remember when Jessica Biel played like a preacher’s daughter or something on that “7th Heaven” show? Yeah, those days are over. (Popoholic)

This pretty eloquently sums up the car company bailout… Except, who am I kidding? I totally drive a Ford Focus. (YBNBY)

Killer plants aren’t just something out of the Super Mario games, you know. Terrifying plants exist right here exclusive of the Mushroom Kingdom. (atom)

Sacrilicious: Here are Pajiba-related religious sign idioms, compliments of Sofia and a church sign generator. (WorldForSofia)

I wish I could make fun of these geeky gift suggestions from the “Entertainment Earth” catalog but I can’t on the grounds that most of them are too effing cool. Also, I think if I don’t have the Hitchcock Barbie I will literally die. (Jezebel)

And since we’ve been gift-guiding you out the ass, here’s a handy guide to unconventional holiday gift wrap. (mental floss)

Crotch is the new black! (cityrag)

With all the things going wrong in the world today — the economic crisis, the war in Iraq, etc. — people often forget about other important issues also plaguing our society. It’s time to get involved, people: (Thanks to Longtime Lurker Lydia!)

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

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Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | December 10, 2008 |

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