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November 26, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 26, 2008 |

Since tomorrow is Turkey Day, let’s get a little better acquainted with the animal most of you will be ravenously consuming to the point of vomiting. (AnimalReview)

And for those of you who have now been effectively guilted out of eating turkey, here are your substitute options. (Onion)

Conspiracy alert!!! Did everyone’s favorite fuckface reality show couple really get married? The plot is thickening like a delicious Thanksgiving gravy. (WIMB)

From my favorite mix tape lady, here’s a Thanksgiving mix for ya. (MixTapeTherapy)

Hey, who doesn’t leer at Eliza Dushku? I’m doing it myself, right now. (Celebslam)

Kanye West has finally gotten to the point that his arrogant bitchfacing is no longer mutually exclusive from his music. (FourFour)

And while I’m on Kanye, whenever he opens his mouth it really hits home that he’s not just arrogant, but pretty fucking dumb, too. (Celebitchy)

What? This is bullshit if this is true. Apparently Chelsea Handler isn’t content being respected for her sense of humor and wants to get naked for Playboy. (Yeeeah!)

This is kind of sad. Here is a list of the Top Ten Female Directed Box Office Hits and most of these movies totally blow. (Film Experience)

Reader DemonWaterPolo sent me this local news clip featuring some guy he went to high school with, who compares a restaurant he worked at burning down to 9/11. I admit, I had my doubts before I watched it — but it is, indeed, unintentional comedy at it’s best. (WGME)

Apropos of nothing, here are the Top Ten Songs About Female Masturbation. I’m pretty big on the top ten lists today, huh? (Jezebel)

Topic: The new Enterprise design from J.J. Abram’s upcoming Star Trek remake. Shatner: Thoughts? (Popoholic)

Today in “I Feel Old As Dirt” news, MST3K is twenty years old. (YBNBY)

My coworker sent me this link yesterday afternoon and it totally made me laugh. Here are a bunch of ridic senior portraits and the reasoning behind them. (Nextround)

And I’ll leave you with these couple clips from Atom’s short series, “Great Moments in Human Interaction.” I’m sure more than a few of you will be experiencing your own tomorrow.

Baby Shower Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Great Moments in Human Interaction

That’s Not My Wife Funny Videos | Atom Originals | Great Moments in Human Interaction

And on one final note — because overworked, harried pop cult bloggers need a vacation too — I’m shutting this shit down for the rest of the week and TK will be filling in for me on Monday. See you bitches Tuesday!

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.

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Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | November 26, 2008 |

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