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Pajiba Love

Cristoph, the first incarnation of Borat, was a bit like those initial Bugs Bunny cartoons -- no damn good. (Popoholic)

For those who haven't caught it yet, here is Harry Potter's Order of the Phoenix trailer. (Celebitchy)

Free association! Britney carpet Nicole fashion thingie Knees. JoJo. Mascara. Hideosity. Beyonce! (Yeeeah!)

Kirsten Dunst's nipple. Clowns. Jay Leno's monologue? -- What are things that terrify the bejesus out of me? (IDLYITW)

And speaking of terrifying: Carrot Top. Holy hell. What happened to that guy? It looks like someone finally beat the shit out of him with a telephone receiver. (CityRag)

In our continuing efforts to foist great literature upon ye readers, take a minute over the long weekend and digest this Zadie Smith interview. (A Special Way of Being Afraid)

Pajiba Love | November 22, 2006 | Comments ()

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