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Pajiba Love

Our little Joey Potter is now Mrs. Maverick. They grow up so fast. (Celebitchy) And don't miss the Barbie doll commentary. (Cityrag)

You've been hit by. You've been struck by. A dumb criminal. (College Humor)

Ye olde Playboy Mansion, it turns out, is prime humping ground for celebrities. (Yeeeah!)

I don't mean to sound like a pitchman, but longtime advertiser Fab Stationary has some pretty swell personalized holiday cards, including the Pajiba Beoch. (Fabulous Stationary)

Total props on this headline: "It's 'DOE a deer,' not 'DO a deer...'" (QuizLaw)

It's a Festivus miracle! Cosmo Kramer joins the racist celebrity club. Take a bow, asshole. (MollyGood)

Pajiba Love | November 20, 2006 | Comments ()

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