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Pajiba Love

One of the best directors around. My two absolute favorite actors in Hollywood, Mark Ruffalo and Robert Downey Jr. And Jake Gyllenhaal, to boot. Zodiac looks way too good not to completely suck. (Popoholic)

Dick Cheney? The reinstitution of slavery? Pimps and hos chasing down black women for sexual slavery? You're going to wanna read about this lawsuit. (QuizLaw)

Here's how hopelessly out of touch with certain parts of the pop music industry I am: I thought Fergie was British Royalty, but the chick in this picture looks like Meredith Grey. Totally confused. (Yeeeah!)

Mike Tyson. Prostitute. Uncool. (Celebitchy)

How cool would it be if the '08 election were a face-off between Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush? Actually, that's not that cool. (Huffpo)

Give some love to our newest critic's personal blog -- he coined Branky and Tarpulent just for the occasion. (A Special Way of Being Afraid)

Rachael Ray's husband likes the spit. And the blow. (IDLYITW)

Pajiba Love | November 17, 2006 | Comments ()

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