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Pajiba Love

Happy Schadenfreude Day! Seriously, Splash News: If you need any legal assistance in your suit against Mr. Hilton, I'd be happy to help. (Cele|bitchy)

Paris Hilton to appear in the next Bond film as: "The Wonktress." (Yeeeah!)

O.J. totally didn't do it. But, if he had -- he's going to tell you how he would've done it. On Fox. Where else? (MetaDish)

Tom Cruise didn't invite Oprah to his wedding. Unbelievable! Or, whatever. To be fair, he didn't invite me, either. And I liked M:i:III. Bastard. (IDLYITW)

Trent Lott humor. Too good. Too good. Can't ... resist. (Junkiness)

Completely amazing. If there is one link you click on today, let it be this one. (College Humor)

Pajiba Love | November 15, 2006 | Comments ()

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