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Pajiba Love

Start your week out with the Britney-Fed sex/chess tape. I know! I know! It does sound awesome -- if by awesome, you mean totally retch-worthy. (IDLYITW) & (Yeeeah!) & (Celebitchy)

It's probably been 10 years since I gave a shit about a music video -- but, this posthumous Johnny Cash video kind of kicks ass. (Popoholic)

Sorry, Blemish -- I thought The Simpsons trailer looked pretty amusing. (The Blemish)

I haven't heard a Folgers Crystals joke in, like, 15 years. Still funny. (CityRag)

It only feeds the douchebag monster's narcissism, but fuck it. It's amusing. (BWE)

We've got a troll. In the Harsh Times comment thread. His name is Joe, though he's gone by Wynn and Bixby in the past. He's mostly uninspiring -- we've been insulted by much, much better (Joe reminds me of the guy who accused movie critics of being picked last in gym class). But the comments -- even the other negative ones -- that he has elicited so far are freakin' hilarious. And this is why I adore writing for this site. Now, if I could just get "Mustang Sally" to knit the entire staff a lemming toupee ...

Pajiba Love | November 13, 2006 | Comments ()

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