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November 12, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 12, 2008 |

Jennifer Aniston finally spills about everything from Angelina Jolie to John Mayer. And, spoiler alert! It’s boring! (Celebitchy)

Amy Winehouse has finally completed her transformation into the guy from Journey. You know the one, but I couldn’t find his name. Little help? (WIMB)

What’s this? A genuinely heartwarming story on QuizLaw, with no rednecks getting intoxicated and feeding babies meth? And it involves dogs? A-mazing. (QuizLaw)

And while I’m on the subject of canines, this video made me squee in places I’ve never squee’d before. Just trust me, it’s fuckens adorable. (omg blog)

Oh hell: More puppies and puppies and puppies! Thanks, Lainey! (PuppyCam)

I saw Of Montreal play in Philly on Halloween and they covered “Day Man” from “It’s Always Sunny.” I didn’t even think about looking it up on YouTube, but just came across this post which has the footage. It was. So. Awesome. (YouAin’tNoPicasso)

Here is the All-American pickup truck. In Bush’s America, maybe — which is just about fucking over. Yeah! High-fives! (KSK)

And speaking of the end of Bush’s America, here’s kind of a scary thought. What if there’s nothing to make fun of anymore? (CC Insider)

Marvo reviews a prepackaged omelet normally served to our US Troops and it seriously looks like the grossest thing I’ve ever seen The Impulsive Buy review before. (TIB)

Here are the men behind your favorite liquors, and no I don’t mean Boozehound and Prisco. (mental floss)

Nicole Kidman is looking… Different. I can’t place my hands on it so much as squeeze the air with them and make honking noises out of my mouth. (Popoholic)

In my opinion, there are no “victims” when it comes to cosmetic surgery because you pretty much bring that on yourself. At any rate, Nikki Cox looks like complete shit. (Yeeeah!)

Any resident NYC area Pajibans who’d be interested in a peaceful protest against Prop 8 tonight, (alliter-icious!) here are the deets. (Film Experience)

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Pajiba Love | November 12, 2008 |

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