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November 3, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | November 3, 2008 |

I know today is technically Paheeba Day, but if you think about it I am kind of like the King of the Pajibettes… Right? Because let me tell you, this place was a real dick ‘n balls fest before I showed up here. Look at how far we’ve come, ladies!

So for our first link, really, the only appropriate thing I could find was this list of 10 Horror Movie Castration Scenes. Mildly NSFW, if a picture of a rottweiler with a wiener in it’s mouth constitutes something you shouldn’t be looking at in the office. (Street Boners & TV Carnage)

Wow, Joaquin Phoenix is like totally cool. About as cool as goth kids in middle school who pretended to cut themselves. (WIMB)

Fervent and Somewhat Off-Their-Rocker McCain Supporter + Halloween = Biggest Buzzkill Ever. (QuizLaw)

Holly Madison jumped from Hugh Hefner to Criss Angel. With a string of hunks like these, I can only expect her next beau to be Chuy from “Chelsea Lately.” (Yeeeah!)

I’m so sick of researchers using pop culture to blame for teenagers fucking. Maybe kids don’t fuck because they watch “Gossip Girl,” but “Gossip Girl” just happens to be the type of programming which appeals to kids who are sexually active anyway. Anyone think of that? (Jezebel)

Scientology goons are beating the shit out of people again. God, I wish somebody would castrate them. (Agent Bedhead)

Today in “Products I’m Amazed Exist,” High School Musical: the cereal. (TIB)

Palin once again proves herself to be a big dumb sack of crap. If Obama loses I call a Pajiba-wide pact that we all drink ourselves to death. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Heidi Klum wins at Halloween again this year. (IDLYITW)

This is why I adore Nathaniel so much, because he totally shares my unadulterated love of the very much unappreciated yet awesome Tom Lenk, who I just mentioned last week due to his coming out of the closet. (Film Experience)

For the bargain price of a brand-new Macbook, you can have your old Macbook turned into this sweet Mac Tablet. (Galley Slaves)

Dustin’s imaginary boyfriend completed the NYC Marathon in just under four hours this weekend. Dustin, on the other hand, finished a 6-pack of beer and an entire pizza in about the same time. (Celebitchy)

Here is a “Photoshop McCain and Obama into a Movie Poster” contest. Seriously, what is Pajiba Love going to even do after this election is over? (FARK)

This here is my favorite thing that happened during the 2008 World Series. I think I’ve watched it 20 times now and it never stops being funny: (Thanks, Prigge!)

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.

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Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | November 3, 2008 |

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