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Pajiba Vampire Love

Today's "Second Opinion" is devoted to The Film Experience's Vampire Blog-a-Thon, where Nathaniel R. leads a Halloween discussion of all things Vampire (we've also stolen his artwork). (The Film Experience)

Modern Fabulousity discusses Klaus Kinski as Nosferatu. (Modern Fabulousity)

Tarantino and Rodriguez's From Dusk till Dawn has its own craptastic following. (Low Resolution)

The Horror Blog has a weakness for underwater Nazi zombies and post-apocalyptic barbarians, but it's not so much a fan of the vampires. (The Horror Blog)

Hillary Duff sucks. Amen. (Pen15 Club)

And, finally, no discussion of vampires is complete without a post celebrating the music in vampire flicks. (Music is my Boyfriend)

Pajiba Love | October 30, 2006 | Comments ()

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