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October 23, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 23, 2008 |

Jared Padalecki is a God among men. He is a friend to the animals, is a superb facial expressions method actor, has really pretty eyelashes and looks hot in a T-shirt. And don’t you ever forget it. (

Paris Hilton campaigns to star in the remake of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? (WIMB)

Hey! Guess which Presidential candidate’s wife doesn’t spend as much on her wardrobe as some people do on a house? (Celebitchy)

Sarah Palin, as drawn by “It’s Always Sunny’s” Dennis Reynolds, apparently. (QuizLaw)

Doddering old man makes an oopsie. (Evil Beet) Then he does it again, but it’s a lot less sexy than Britney Spears circa 1999. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Does anyone here actually watch “Ugly Betty?” Well, if you do, I’m sure you’ll be devastated to hear that Lindsay Lohan’s order has been cut from six to four episodes, apparently because she and the ugly one hate each other’s guts. (The Blemish)

Who wants to live the exciting, fabulous, Ramen noodle-filled life of a famous blogger? (BestWeekEver)

When Change Is Bad: what happens when good artists unsuccessfully try to branch out. Although “good” is maybe a little strong of a word to use for Metallica. Sorry guys, I really fucking hate Metallica. Always have; always will. (TMITM)

Madonna is like the most odious type of bitch ever. (Celebslam)

Here are some Halloween costumes which should probably be avoided this year. Yes, it’s too soon for the Joker. (io9)

Mini-dirve: which is your favorite flavor of candy? Mine is green, but it has to be lime, not apple. Nothing chaps my ass like thinking it’s lime and it turns out to be apple. (rape-candy-halloween.html">SeriousEats)

Apparently Christina Ricci is not familiar with the idiom “Why buy the skank when you can see her side-boobies for free.” (Popoholic)

I just happened across comedian Joe DeRosa’s vlog over on atom, and thought I’d use it today because he used to date my friend in college and I’m all namedroppey like that. I think I played Power Hour with him once.

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Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | October 23, 2008 |

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