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October 3, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | October 3, 2008 |

I have a huge confession to make… I was out all night last night and totally missed the debates. I know! I was taking care of some very important personal business which couldn’t be avoided, so nobody tell me who won, OK? I totally don’t want to be spoiled!! But I did catch this. (KSK)

But here is a recap of last night’s events, (the debate ones, not my personal ones) which I will not be reading until after I watch. (QuizLaw)

Oh dear sweet Jesus … Sarah Palin’s Facebook page. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

I know you guys have been dying for this. Finally, we get a peek into Michael Bay’s most secret, innermost thoughts! (Via Galley Slaves!) (Twitter)

You have to admit, combining a George Bush joke with a Lindsay Lohan’s girlfriend joke is kind of like an art. (Yeeeah!)

I am less concerned by Sandra Bernhard’s Palin rape jokes then I am by whatever she did to her face. Good lord, she looks terrible. (Celebitchy)

You know, I keep going back and forth who I think is cuter, Shiloh or Suri. But this photo is maybe giving Shiloh a slight advantage. (Celebslam)

David Spade tries to explain the secret to his sexual prowess. Spoiler! Apparently chicks really love it when he does the “buh-bye” guy. (The Blemish)

Oh, what won’t we deep fry in this country? (TIB)

Why yes, I would like to take Michael Cera into my bedroom and rip his clothes off, but I’m not exactly sure why. I think he’s magical. (Evil Beet)

He’s got me. I love pea coats. I have like three of them. I even have pea coat-sweater hybrids! (SWPL)

Oh no! Even more evidence that the zombie scourge has not only spread to the realm of puppets! (Zombie Forecast)

NO!!!!!!! Miniature deer is dead!!!! Oh, why God, why?!?! (Cute Overload)

Today’s Pajiba Love Friday Feature is Born Again, which tells the tale of one woman’s struggle to free herself from Fundamentalist Christianity.

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.

Now With More Palin!

Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | October 3, 2008 |

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