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September 16, 2008 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | September 16, 2008 |

Every single day I hope will be the day that something else happens in the news so I can fuck this McCain/Palin noise. Anyway, today isn’t going to be the day either. I’m a gossip blogger, dammit. This isn’t fair! (QuizLaw)

WOW. Did you know that instead of being a card-carrying liberal feminist, Tina Fey is in fact the anti-feminist; enemy to women? (WIMB)

Sigh. And now, a word from Eve Ensler. (Via, Girl Named Boo!) (HuffPo)

Oh, happy dance! Here’s some kickass non-political news: “Always Sunny” cast interview! New season starts this week! (AV Club)

Here’s the least surprising thing of the day: Megan Fox + bikini + cherries = GQ photoshoot. (Popoholic)

Now Amy Pohler is leaving “Saturday Night Live,” so don’t expect the dry spell to end anytime soon. (LA Times)

Juliana Hatfield is writing a book about the rise and subsequent, painful fall from stardom. Aww, I still love her! “Become What You Are” was like the soundtrack to my teenage years. (Evil Beet)

Let’s all give a hearty thanks to Woody Allen, whose last act of a filmmaker may end up being turning Scarlett Johansson into a big, huge pain in the craw. (Celebslam)

Brilliantly simple: a pie chart made out of pie. (Serious Eats)

Since I can’t wish “Arrested Development” back from the dead to win one, here are the next best Top Ten Emmy Wishes. (Film Experience)

Rose McGowan says she would have joined the IRA because she’s in a movie about an IRA informer. Did she also aspired to become a witch during “Charmed?” (IDLYITW)

Uhhh, the Sarah Palin School of Ballet, I take it? (YBNBY)

Grosssssss!!! It’s one thing to let your neighbor you don’t care for the dog mess, but it’s quite another to get “hands on” with the mess itself. (PA Notes)

Taste the rainbow of delicious bunno morsels: it’s a bun-splosion! (Cute Overload)

Welcome to Chuck E. Cheese’s apocalypse! It should be noted that this clip is probably one of the the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen:

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Pajiba Love | September 16, 2008 |

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