Time to Hit the Star Trek Convention Circuit, Buddy

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2009 | Comments ()

By Agent Bedhead | Pajiba Love | August 31, 2009 |


After 26 years on the air, "Reading Rainbow" is getting shut down because no one will put up the money to renew broadcast rights. At least we still have "Between the Lions," or there'd be a rumble. In my pants. (NPR)

Megan Fox loves sucking face with chicks, and when she kissed Amanda Seyfried, the prettier one giggled nervously. Watch next week for Megan's "I'm Single, Boys!" announcement. (Websters Is My Bitch)

Demi Moore swears she hasn't had any plastic surgery. In related news, I can clap my boobs together. Golf clap, natch. (Seriously? OMG! WTF?)

"Dirty" Harry Callahan and Travis Bickle From Taxi Driver were real guys, but they weren't quite as badass and had far less interesting names. (Cracked)

What, exactly, is a "disaster boner," and, more importantly, do they last longer than ordinary, run-of-the-mill boners? (Film Drunk)

Tom Cruise's former Scientology auditor says the Poison Dwarf abused parishioners. Also, David Miscavige talked Tom into divorcing Nicole. Hark... is that porno music I hear? (Celebitchy)

What, like Brad Pitt actually sold all of those Basterds tickets all by himself? Think again, and, yes, it's come to this. (Agent Bedhead)

Is it acceptable to use a movie to air personal grievances against a filmmaker? Well maybe, especially if we're speaking directly of Michael Bay. (Rope of Silicon)

If horror movie adverts went political, then the Slasher Party would have ruled the weekend. (Screen Junkies )

Why isn't it surprising that La Lohan may have used her robbery as an excuse to lose $2 million in borrowed jewelry? Also, never loan $2 of anything to Lohan. (Yeeeah!)

Who doesn't wanna see Tori Amos selling breakfast cereal? Here's 10 "Before They Were Stars" Commercials. (Liquid Generation)

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