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Pajiba Love

From Cromulant to Craptacular: The Top 12 Simpsons-Created Words! (Cracked)

Anyone watch "Smallville?" Anyone? Well, here's the first official shot of the new Supergirl character. (Popoholic)

Gather round kiddies -- Mr. Carlson is going to give us all a lesson in the fine art of punctuation. (Slowly Going Bald)

GAH! It's one thing for a woman to be ripped -- but whatever the fuck going on with Madonna is a whole category on its own. (IDLYITW)

India has elected it's first woman president. I hear her campaign song was by Pat Benatar -- Hillary. (Feminsting)

If your name is "Dickman" -- you're kind of obligated to be a pervert. Or a guy in a giant phallus costume, anyway. (Quizlaw)

Hm... And speaking of giant phalluses. (Agent Bedhead)

A Pete Doherty/Kate Moss sex tape? I will not watch it in a house; I will not watch it with a mouse. (Yeeeah!)

I'll leave you with this clever little video sent in by one of our readers being featured on Funny or Die!, after the jump. Show the guy some love -- he knocked out a tooth filming this!

Pajiba Love | July 23, 2007 | Comments ()

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