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Pajiba Love

An informative and helpful guide for Planning Sensibly For When the Zombies Come. (Your Mom's Basement)

The most entertaining (not to mention only) product review you'll ever read about a plastic shopping bag. (The Impulsive Buy)

Time's 50 Best Websites of 2007, and nary a mention of Pajiba. What-the fuck-ever, Time. (Time)

Hilary Duff's got a new fluffy-haired mystery man. (IDLYITW)

While a completely different Hillary has totally cornered the "lipstick lesbian" demographic. (Fatback and Collards)

Someone alert Gawker - you're about to be spotted in Hell. Slate's fake action movie one-liner contest just got served! (Junkiness)

You know you're fucked if the best alibi for murder you can come up with is murdering someone else. (QuizLaw)

After the jump, a clip of the upcoming A&E series, "The Two Coreys." Feldman -- the smarmy, shit-stirring little bitch -- tells Haim that they're making a (direct to video) sequel to The Lost Boys and that they're not planning on asking him to make a cameo. You can actually pinpoint the moment where Haim's last modicum of dignity crumbles away before weeping in the arms of his friend. It's just fucking fantastic, and I can't wait.

Pajiba Love | July 16, 2007 | Comments ()

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