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July 9, 2008 | Comments ()

Pajiba Love

Thanks to Luke, who gets my Pajiba Love Gold Star for this slawsome tip: the misheard lyric phenomenon now has its very own word. (Merriam-Webster)

What kind of numbnuts doesn't use their parking brake? Oh, uhh ... Nevermind, then. (QuizLaw)

Dane Cook and "Dog Poop" finally find their way into a headline together. Now who is gonna be the first to tell me they don't believe in fate? (Celebitchy)

In celebrity baby news, the McConaughey clan continues their Idiocracy-esque tradition of naming their McConaughspawn after brand names (WIMB) and Jamie Lynn shows off her hairless, old-man monkey creature. (WIMB)

OK already? You people are chomping at the bit for a review of Beck's new album -- so I went straight to one of the most informed music bloggers I know. (MixTapeTherapy)

Not to discredit my other favorite music bloggers, who are schooling us on metal this time around. (MusicIsTheMessage)

And in more hilarious music news -- somebody done snatched Marilyn Manson's broke-ass weave. (Yeeeah!)

Contrary to popular opinion, the South American Capybara -- not Spencer Pratt -- is the world's largest living rodent. (AnimalReview)

Jeremy "Jerkface" Piven openly taunts law enforcement and is begging for the business end of a taser if you ask me. (Celebslam)

Yeah, so anyway, this is why I keep linking Jezebel: because I like knowing I'm not the only 30-year-old who peruses and occasionally shops from the Delia*s catalog. (Jezebel)

The latest election poll says that people who own pets are more likely to vote for John McCain. I would like to know what entire percentage of those polled actually give their cats first, middle and last names. Shenanigans! (CC Insider)

After the jump: I have no idea what in the fuck this is, but I found it on Evil Beet and it made me snerk, so I'm reposting it for your enjoyment/bewilderment.

Pajiba Love | July 9, 2008 | Comments ()

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