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Pajiba Love

I don’t know about you guys, but I think I would kinda love to see “Firefly” brought back in Comic Strip form. I’ll take me some Captain Reynolds any way I can get him. (Galley Slaves)

Irresponsible reporting by Fox News? Surely you jest! (QuizLaw)

The cast of Harry Potter is so freaking adorable, it just damn near melts my cold, shriveled little heart. (Celebitchy)

I know none of you probably give a fart about Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey’s sex life — but I really enjoy the graphic not quite covering Nick’s little white ass that says, “too rude!” (IDLYITW)

For anyone who has ever struggled with their weight, you probably already know that figuring out what’s best for your body is a confusing and potentially difficult process. This article? Probably won’t clear things up. (Slate)

Y’know, something funny about me is that I just don’t know when to fucking quit. Yep, ol’ Stacey “Beats the Joke to Death” Nosek, they call me. (YesButNoButYes)

Christina Aguilera is pregnant — it’s been confirmed. But not really. (Agent Bedhead)

If you stayed indoors watching “The Twilight Zone” marathon on SciFi yesterday, (ahem) our good friend Nexus 6 has been kind enough show you what you missed — by assembling a fine menagerie of — what else? Dumbasses with fireworks. (Robot Gone Good)

After the jump — the mysterious trailer from Transformers that’s got everyone talking! Discuss amongst yourselves.

Pajiba Love | July 5, 2007 | Comments ()

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