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Pajiba Love

Every time "hippie chic" makes a comeback you just know some asshole is going to declare it the new "Summer of Love." (NY Times)

My thoughts on that whole "campaign song" debacle -- just because. (Litelysalted)

The must-have accessory to tote around your syringes and guitar picks. (Pitchfork)

TMZ is getting their asses sued. Yeah!! -- "If you were a real blog, you'd steal the paparazzi photos, take credit for other organization's 'scoops,' and post in your underwear while drinking twice-filtered coffee and scratching your testicles." Wait -- testicles? (QuizLaw)

Mandy Moore gives us a little TMI about the Barfinator. (Celebitchy)

Take it from someone who regards cursing as an art form: Great Moments in Cinematic Swearing. (Cracked)

Next stop, crazytown -- a judge has banned the word "rape" in a "rape trial." (Feministing)

Hayden Panettiere gets uh, a little too close for comfort with her TV Dad. I can't even make an appropriate joke about this because it makes me feel dirty. (IDLYITW)

Fox renews "American Dad." Because Jesus hates us. (Starpulse)

My guess is that at least one of them is also a man. (Celebslam)

After the jump -- an Apple faux-mmerical which I believe will go over better than the last Apple-related clip I posted. (Hipster footnote -- Yes that is The Minder's "Yeah Yeah Yeah" looping in the background!)

Pajiba Love | June 21, 2007 | Comments ()

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