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Pajiba Love

Sitcom Moms you totally wanted to fuck. Don't even act like you're better than that! (Cracked)

I'm not even sure what the hell to make of this. You'll just have to see it for yourself. (YouTube)

Duckman! Remember Duckman? I loved that show. Well, this is about a different Duckman, unfortunately -- however this one loves pornos, too. (QuizLaw)

Rosie O'Donnell is a bigot against straights. (The Evil Beet)

If a man ever tried to pull this shit with me? I would hand him his testicles in a doggie bag. No joke. (Feministing)

Maybe Michael Moore should make a film about this. Oh wait... (Celebitchy)

Evangeline Lilly loves getting her picture taken. (IDLYITW)

In case you were wondering -- the Screen Actors Guild guidelines do cover condiment usage on newborn actors. Thank goodness, because otherwise? Mmm... Delicious, delicious babies. (Slate)

And speaking of babies, a bunch of famous people had some. Yawn. (Yeeeah!)

If you haven't seen it yet, after the jump we have the new Paul McCartney/Apple commercial. Because, seriously -- Paul has not looked this ridiculously freakin' adorable in decades. (Suck on that, you one-legged bitch!)

Pajiba Love | June 19, 2007 | Comments ()

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