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Pajiba Love

Get your preorder on -- Rilo Kiley's anticipated fourth album is coming soon! (Pitchfork Media)

Well, this kind of throws some of the Knocked Up "hot chick/average guy" arguments right out the window. (Yeeeah!)

The nerdiest judge's sentence ever. (QuizLaw)

What does Virtue smell like? If I had to venture a guess -- I'd say a combination of Exclamation and Febreze. (Feministing)

In a prime example of the grass always being greener -- home office workers actually start to miss the, "So, Peter, what's happening?" (NY Times)

Audrey Tautou is still adorable. I'm not wild about that blazer, though. (The Evil Beet)

As a graphic arts professional, I wash my hands of this. (YesButNoButYes)

All hail your new savior -- Jesus Shark. (Junkiness)

After the jump, spiders on crack. No, really.

Pajiba Love | June 5, 2007 | Comments ()

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