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American Zombie:

Zombie American - Chapter 2

Samantha Bee


Pajiba Love

Billy Zane rocks the Cannes film fest with an extremely warmly welcomed film (*ahem*). (IDLYITW)

There's another new Transformers trailer out. You know -- do your thing. (Popoholic)

The NRA gets them while they're young. (QuizLaw)

JMW -- you're hurting my brain, man. (A Special Way of Being Afraid)

And you thought the Shrek Happy Meals were bad. (CityRag)

If you don't know who the greatest black man alive is, well, maybe you should look in a closet. (Agent Bedhead)

Hmmm. (BWE)

I'd never given Ann Coulter full credit for how absolutely awful a person she is. I mean -- Damn. (Wonkette)

After the jump, Ed Helms Zombie-American tries his hand at dating. And if a "Daily Show" alum doesn't do it for you, current correspondent Samantha Bee offers up one of the show's best segments, "News I'd Like to Fuck.".

Pajiba Love | May 18, 2007 | Comments ()

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