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Do you remember the Will Ferrell "Landlord" video? Here are the outtakes, a must-see for fans of cute toddlers. (FunnyorDie) And here, it's been recut as a horror flick trailer. (GiggleSugar)

For fans of gangsta rap, here's a Darth Vader rap (Galley Slaves) and a Bush/Rove rap. (FoD)

If you're going to deny mooning strangers, pull up your pants first. (QuizLaw)

Fred Phelps strikes again. This time, it's Westboro vs. Falwell. (

Do we have any Wiccans out there? If so, this is for you. (NYTimes)

For the few remaining "AI" fans out there, did you know all of this about Jordin Sparks? Whoa -- the damn show may be rigged, after all. (TVGasm) Melinda Doolittle seems to be OK with it, though. (I'm Not Obsessed)

Illustrated memoirs of the summer movie going experience. (The Film Experience)

Ack! Jenna Fischer broke her back. Seriously. (Evil Beet)

After the jump, one of the more amusing best-man speeches I've ever witnessed.

Pajiba Love | May 17, 2007 | Comments ()

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