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From last week, the much talked about Colbert interview with Jane Fonda. (The Insider) And speaking of Fonda, what's this about her doing a porn flick? (Agent Bedhead)

And here's a very cool glimpse of Colbert out of character. (College Humor)

Sarah Silverman is on the cover of Maxim this month. Why, Sarah? Why? It hurts my soul. (Yeeeah!)

Ah -- the magic of CGI. (Junkiness)

Mike White. Monkeys. Filial affection. Snow snakes? What the fuck? (The Reeler)

For fans of the book-publishing biz, check out the Times article on the making of a bestseller. (NYTimes)

You know how guys sometimes torture the ones they love. Todd -- are you secretly in love with Kelly Clarkson? (ILDYITW)

A warning to teachers out there -- don't show your class Brokeback Mountain. It might cost your school $500,000. (QuizLaw)

Georgia Rule lights up the box office over the weekend. (Celebslam)

The best (no, seriously -- the best) 911 call you will ever hear in your life is after the jump. Sample line: "I think we're dead. I really do."

Pajiba Love | May 14, 2007 | Comments ()

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