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Andy Rooney Is Old and Other News

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | May 10, 2010 | Comments ()

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Andy Rooney doesn't understand what with the kids and the music they're listening to these days. Hey, I don't understand the appeal of Justin Bieber either. Right there with you, man. (Warming Glow)

The relaunch of "Star Search" is reportedly being held up due to Paula Abdul's insanely astronomical demands. Aww, how cute. She still thinks she's somebody. (Celebslam)

Tumblr Page of the Day: Imagery of Jesus, spouting random Tea Party rhetoric. Thanks to Christian H.! (Tea Party Jesus)

If you're a Verizon customer who hasn't switched over to AT&T yet to get your hands on an iPhone, now you're going to have to wait even longer to get one. (The Flickcast)

Not only did Betty White carry the whole show on Saturday, but she reportedly also partied until three in the morning. To this I say, Of course she fucking did. She's Betty Goddamn White. (Celebitchy)

Are Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson Hollywood's new Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan? (Cinematical)

Marmaduke is getting this much closer to filling our country's theaters up with its stinky dog farts, and I have three words for you: Animals in Sunglasses. (Film Drunk)

If you're like me and you think soy milk is gross, (I'm sorry, even on cereal I can't take it) then maybe you'll like Silk's new almond milk. (Impulsive Buy)

This just in! Liam Gallagher is still ripping off The Beatles; and other music news. (Audiosuede)

So, Mother's Day was technically yesterday, but I still think it's timely enough to link this post of the 25 worst moms ever. (Holy Taco)

Here is one person's list of movies they thought would suck but ended up being pretty good. Wait, are they sure they even SAW Speed Racer? My boyfriend made me watch that and I went on strike as his girlfriend halfway through the movie. (Unreality)

Well this sure as hell is scary. Apparently hardcore Twilight fans aren't just stupid; they're stupid and are breeding. (Salon)

Here are nine items which would come in useful for surviving the zombie apocalypse. (Topless Robot)

What happens when Jedi powers are used for evil instead of good? No, not Darth Vader -- Jedi Assholes:

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