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Pajiba Love

Vagina: It's not a clown car. (WIMB)

Why "douche" can be the perfect word in just about any given situation. (ChelseaTalksSmack)

An Arkansas prison is accused of starving its prisoners, who are whittling away to nothing! (Quizlaw)

Daaamn. I think this pretty much absolves Dustin for anything he's ever said about Katherine Heigl. Or maybe "absolves" isn't so much the word as "makes it look not nearly as bad." (IDLYITW)

Check out the awesome work of paper-cut artist Peter Callesen. (ASWOBA)

Mr. Boston joins the cast of "I Love Money," a.k.a. the television event of my whole motherfucking summer. (Dlisted)

Hahahahahaha. Stupid asshole. (YBNBY)

Maybe this is close minded of me, but I refuse to believe anything healthy can come from a fast food restaurant. No, not even salad. (The Impulsive Buy)

Hey, tattooed Pajiba constituency! Guess who thinks you're a lowlife sack of shit? (WIMB)

Christina Ricci: "weird and alien-ish" or "a total hottie?" Today, I think I'm going to go with total hottie. (Popoholic)

Aww, happy 47th birthday to Bruce McCullough! (Comedy Central Insider)

I don't know if she wanted me to post this or not (if not, tough shit, haha!) but Bedhead pulled one out of her archives after yesterday's tampon gross-out melee. (Agent Bedhead)

For some totally bizarre shit to kick off your weekend, check out "the best video about old timey dog rape on the internet," (via BestWeekEver) after the jump.

Pajiba Love | May 9, 2008 | Comments ()

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