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Pajiba Love

JMW offers a mini-review of Diggers, that Paul Rudd flick released last week on HDNet, in theaters, and on DVD. He ... dug it. (A Special Way of Being Afraid)

And speaking of PRudd, he's got a clip on the Michael Showalter show where they re-enact the David O'Russell/Lily Tomlin spat. Not as funny as I'd hoped, actually. (Nerve)

Interesting speculation: Amy Winehouse as the next Bond girl? (Breesays)

Woah! Those of you who put Cate Blanchett on your Five Freebies list might want to reconsider. (Not mentioned, she's probably prepping for her role as Dylan.) (Celebitchy)

"About 90 percent of U.S. children under age 2 and as many as 40 percent of infants under three months are regular watchers of television." That's .. er ... disconcerting. (PCMag)

Funny or Die has the socially accepted situations in which white people can use the N word. (FoD)

Life's Short. Get a Divorce. Indeed. (QuizLaw)

Pajiba Love | May 8, 2007 | Comments ()

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