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Pajiba Love

Friend of the site Mathew Tobey (he of Junkiness.com) has joined forces with Neil Pollack and a few other folks to start Offsprung, an online humor magazine about parenting. (Offsprung)

"The New Modern Woman, Ambitious and Feeble." And you can thank "Ally McBeal" for that. (NYTimes)

If you've somehow made it this long without seeing the Hoff in full-on pathetic drunk mode, well, here it is in all its grotesque sadness. Somebody get this guy some help. (IDLYITW)

Related: Chez sounds off on the current wave of YouTube shaming that's plagued these here interwebs of late. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

It's necessary to lift the permanent ban on Paris Hilton links just the once -- she's facing jail, and the Fug girls spell it out better than anyone. (Go Fug Yourself)

Sorry, Samberg -- I'm totally not feeling it. I'd almost rather see a Jimmy Fallon movie than your new one. (Popoholic)

Brad Pitt gets an ass-double. (Agent Bedhead) While the marketing team behind the next Harry Potter is double assy. (BWE)

Our favorite t-shirt outlet, One Horse Shy, has been nice enough to design and offer Pajiba t-shirts, stickers, etc., for sale if you'd like to impress your friends by wearing a dirty-sounding word on your chest. Plus, scientific studies have shown that wearing a Pajiba t-shirt increases the likelihood of having sex with one of your freebies by 17 percent! (One Horse Shy)

Ed Helms finally humanizes the American Zombie. After the jump.

Pajiba Love | May 7, 2007 | Comments ()


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