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Pajiba Love

Spoof vs. Satire, illustrated through the works of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. (Slowly Going Bald)

The Year of the Dog review brought our creepy dog lovers out of the woodwork (I kid, TK. I kid.) Anyway, here's a story for you. (NYTimes)

For fans of "30 Rock," Tina Fey will be live-blogging during the show tonight, if you're interested. Maybe she'll address the Alec Baldwin madness. ("30 Rock")

Do you like gossip?! And pictures of vaginas?! Then follow me! (Jossip)

Did you like "Drive"? Too bad. It's been canceled. (Deus Ex Malcontent)

Whoa! There's a Democratic Presidential debate on tonight. Already? (Yahoo!)

Kirsten Dunst makes a mockery of the Jedi outfit. (Yeeeah!)

A reader sent in this oddly disconcerting thesis on the homophobic themes of "Veronica Mars." It's a truly weird read. (Live Journal)

Man, those Arkansans really don't care to see the girl-on-girl action. (QuizLaw)

And now, introducing a new full-length Bourne Ultimatum trailer, replete with kick-assery and memory recovery. (Celebslam)

The television event of the year comes from Aaron Sorkin: "Studio 6A on the Sixth Floor of Rockefeller Center," starring Liev Schreiber as Conan O'Brien. It's amazing, and it's after the jump.

Pajiba Love | April 26, 2007 | Comments ()

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