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Pajiba Love

The Film Experience examines the 10 Most Lovable Cads in Cinema. Noticeably absent: Patrick Batemen. (The Film Experience)

It's a good time. For the great taste. Of McDonalds. (Junkiness)

Shepard Smith forgets a television news anchor, loses cool. Listen, Shep -- that only works if your first name is Anderson. (Jossip)

And here I thought that Fox would be the first to try to exploit the VT tragedy (with some horrid TV movie); turns out, the Church of Scientology beat them to the punch. (IDLYITW)

And speaking of the VT shooting -- you know where the worst place to make jokes about shooting up a school is? A college classroom. Somebody forgot to tell Max Karson. (QuizLaw)

For all of you wondering why Fergie looks so eerily familiar to you, well, here's your answer. (Yeeeah!)

See! See! I told you that women hate Capra guys. (Slate)

Given Hollywood's penchant for turning every goddamn cockeyed idea known to man into full-length features, I'm taking wagers on how long it takes before they turn the Bum Hand skit into a Will Ferrell epic. Not familiar with Bum Hand? It's after the jump. You can thank me afterwards.

Pajiba Love | April 19, 2007 | Comments ()

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