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Pajiba Love

Sean Penn vs. Stephen Colbert in a Metaphor-Off. Giddyup. (The Insider)

John Travolta: "I have fame on the level of a Marilyn Monroe or an Elvis." His words, not mine. (Agent Bedhead)

For you Phelps haters (that should be all of you), the pic in this entry is like a beautiful rainbow on a dreary day. (QuizLaw)

Missed on this morning's round-up: A remake of Clash of the Titans. Stop twitching. Seriously, cut it out. You're scaring the kids. (Hispanic! at the Disco)

Unbelievable: The Rapist action figure. For kids that feel Barbie deserves her comeuppance. (Feministing)

In the off-chance you need reminding, today is tax day. Pay them. (QuizLaw)

Slate asks the question: Is Shia LaBeouf the next Tom Hanks or the next John Cusack? Is it OK to hope for the latter? (Slate)

Anchorman meets 300. (Flabber via Popoholic)

Paul Rudd fans, or just fans of the the seminal rock group, Boston, here's your chance to bliss out. (And PRudd has some decent air-guitar skills). After the jump.

Pajiba Love | April 17, 2007 | Comments ()

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