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Litely Salted's Pajiba Love

Shameless self promotion: My sister is probably gonna be on "Oprah" this Friday, April 4! Check it. (Litelysalted)

This is slightly less embarrassing than the time I had to demonstrate to my cat how "cat toilet paper" works. Oh, I'm just kidding. I would never own a cat! (WIMB)

Oh, I guess "God" is above copyright violations too, huh? (Whoa, Camel!)

And speaking of God, if people weren't meant to inject chemical crap into their faces, why didn't he just make us born with trout lips and artificial looking smooth skin? Exactly. (Agent Bedhead)

"Warning: Consuming Entire Box of Wine Not Recommended?" Uh, tell that to my old roommate. Girl could put away her White Grenache. (QuizLaw)

Oscar predications already?! I thought I was just making fun of those stupid dresses like, yesterday. (Film Experience)

Here comes Christina Ricci, looking like a cute little doll again. (Popoholic)

Chris Farley's brother is releasing a book about the comedians final days. Oh, and in related news: Chevy Chase? Still a dickhead! (Celebitchy)

And, we're back to TP ... Check out these amazing innovations in toilet paper. (Mental Floss)

In additional toilet-themed miscellany, a new video game let's girls pee standing up? Seriously, is this what it's come to, video game industry? (YBNBY)

Ahah! This is great! If I had a baby, I would totally just feed it lemons all the time. And that's just one of the multitude reasons why I would be a terrible mother. (cityrag)

Dustin gives a little love to the five most underexposed actresses in Hollywood today. (WIMB)

Oh, Dave Foley ... I still love you, even though you look kind of like my dad despite being considerably younger. Dave works for tips, after the jump.

Pajiba Love | April 2, 2008 | Comments ()

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