Pajiba Love 03/15/07
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March 15, 2007 | Comments ()


Pajiba Love

This is it, folks. The official theatrical trailer for Grindhouse. Go ahead. Wet your britches (step away from the keyboard first). (Agent Bedhead)

Not satisfied yet? Here's a 25-minute featurette on the film. (Popoholic)

Nutjob lady likes the taste of boric acid. And she's ravishing. (QuizLaw)

Drew snakes herself a new hipster man: Spike Jonze. (Evil Beet)

Dan's embarrassing admission: He loves "Buffy." (Slowly Going Bald)

Britney got herself a man in rehab. And if you've read James Frey, you know where this is going. (IDLYITW)

The folks like the nice, Molly. And what's nicer than adoption? (PopSugar)

But, here's someone who should never be allowed to adopt: Jessica Simpson. (Celebslam)

Wil Wheaton meets "William Fucking Shatner." Part I and Part II. (Suicide Girls)

Picking up on yesterday's Love comments, if you're curious, this is what a Pajiba gossip blog would look like. (Click Here)

Pajiba Love | March 15, 2007 | Comments ()

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