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Pajiba Love

Distressing news: Johnny Depp's little one is in serious condition at a London hospital. (IDLYITW)

You've heard of camel toe; well, here's its converse: Moose knuckle. (CityRag)

To celebrate Blog against Sexism Day, here's a story about three students joining in solidarity to boldly state: "Vagina." (Feministing)

And just to defeat the purpose, we also have a discussion of what constitutes a "whore" going on. (Pajiba)

C'mon, baby -- Light my (junk on) fire. (QuizLaw)

I must warn you not to watch this clip, otherwise you'll be haunted with dreams of Santa murdering you. Seriously. I'm warning you. (Santasm via A Bowl of Stupid)

The TV Whore alerted me to television writer Ken Levine's blog, and he has an amusing take on "AI" so far. (Ken Levine)

A reader sent us this, a mash-up of sorts pitting Robocop against The Terminator. (Geek Army)

Pajiba Love | February 8, 2007 | Comments ()

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