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Pajiba Love

Man. People really hate Jared Leto. And you know what? They should. (Yeeeah!)

You know what's uncool? When airline employees ejaculate on passengers. Unsavory. (QuizLaw)

Screw Manhattan. Screw Boston. Screw L.A. The real club scene is the Midnight Rodeo. Welcome to Abilene, bitch. (The Insider)

If you're not listening to us, at least listen to Heather Havrilesky. "Friday Night Lights" is one of the best things on TV. (Salon) You're not going to listen to anyone, are you? Damn.

The hype finally pans out. The new Arcade Fire album is every bit as good as you've heard. (iTunes)

The good folks at One Horse Shy ought to get in on this t-shirt. (Agent Bedhead)

Premiere magazine: R.I.P. (Galley Slaves)

Who knew a song about anal sex could be so catchy? (A Bowl of Stupid)

Pajiba Love | February 7, 2007 | Comments ()

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