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March 3, 2009 |

By Stacey Nosek | Pajiba Love | March 3, 2009 |

Say hello to the hottest babes in Hollywood in April’s issue of Vanity Fair. Awww, they made poor Jonah Hill wear sleeves. (ScreenJunkies)

Sharon Osbourne is learning the hard way not to go around beating bitches up. It’s lawsuit season! (WIMB)

Whee!!! Jenna Fischer interview, on what Dan calls “one of the best podcasts out there.” (The Sound Of Young America)

And here, also thanks to Dan, is an excerpt of David Foster Wallace’s unfinished novel which is to be published next year, posthumously. (NewYorker)

Kanye West is still dating that shaved-head lesbian model chick, and I am still fascinated by it. Site NSFW! (DrunkenStepfather)

Apropos of nothing, here are some photos of Bill Murray hanging out with Spike Lee courtside at an Atlanta Hawks game. (AgentBedhead)

For some reason people aren’t interested in spending $500 on a Britney Spears concert ticket in the middle of a recession. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of “saving for a rainy day?” Sheesh! (Celebslam)

Wow, there are actually whole dating sites geared towards animal lovers. That’s actually a good idea. Even thought my boyfriend “likes” animals, sometimes even his patience is stretched thin. Hey, I love my dog, alright? (mental floss)

OH. MY. GOD. Over the the UK they actually have Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurrys at their McDonalds. (SeriousEats)

Ha! Justin Timberlake made a funny. On the premiere of “Jimmy Fallon Late Night” last night (anybody watch it?) he did his John Mayer impersonation. Commence John Mayer Justin Timberlake retaliation impersonation in about one week? (EvilBeet)

Is anyone elses’ parents on facebook? I just found out my dad is, but he doesn’t know that I know. Maybe I’m just immature, but I’m so not ready for this. (NotesOnBarNapkins)

Not that it’s all that complicated to figure out or anything, but here is a detailed chart to the inner-workings of a frat boy’s mind. (HolyTaco)

What do Jake Gyllenhall, Ron Howard, Forest Whitaker and Samuel L. Jackson have in common? They all appear in Jamie Foxx’s new music video. Inex-fucking-plicably. Thanks, cmoody!

Pajiba Love brought to you by Stacey Nosek, who can be reached via email here.

Why Didn't Paul Rudd Get To Wear A Bodysuit? Hmph.

Pajiba Love / Stacey Nosek

Pajiba Love | March 3, 2009 |

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